The focus of the Counseling Ministry is to provide a safe and caring environment for individuals, families, engaged and married couples to discover Christ-centered answers to personal struggles and relational challenges.  A key part of Church Counseling is to bring God’s truth, hope and healing to whatever situation the counselee faces.


I started counseling with Apostle Rodney when I was in about the 10th grade, I was struggling with deep depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, rejection, daddy issues, and more. God used Apostle's wise counsel to help me take major steps on my healing journey.  Apostle helped me to identify the unhealthy behavior patterns that led to my cycles of  anxiety and depression, as well as the traumatic events and family history that contributed to the creation of my struggles. Most importantly, Apostle taught me how to change these destructive patterns and replace them  with Godly principles and positive habits/thoughts. Apostle Rodney is a caring and non judgmental person, his counseling is/was a safe space for me during tough seasons of life., I would highly recommend 

him to anyone who needs counseling. 

Keanna, 21 year old college student