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Liberty Christian Outreach Ministries International is a place where the gospel of Jesus Christ shines through darkness; a place where broken lives are repaired, broken hearts are healed, souls are saved, captives are set free, and reconciliation and restoration are evident all the time. A place where the Love, the Worship, and the Fellowship Makes the Difference!

 “A place where changed lives change lives.”


To bring people to Jesus Christ and plant them in His family; 

Build them up for their ministry in the Church and a life of Evangelism in the World, in order to Worship God’s name.

purpose statement 

purpose statement 

Here at Liberty Christian Outreach Ministries Int'l of West Palm Beach, we use one key word to summarize Christ’s purpose for His Church. We refer to it as the “WEB” Principle! 


W - Worship (Ministry to God)

E  - Evangelism (Ministry to the World)

B  - Building (Ministry to the Believers)


The key word representing our three purposes, has been incorporated into our Mission Statement; which reads as follows:



Here at LCOM-I, we are attempting to make the vision as clear as possible. And the essence of our vision is captured in one word, LIBERTY!


Liberty Matches Who We Are As A People &  Explains What Motivates Us As A Church!

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